DEO LIVE: Episode 10 Acting with Theo Bray

Theo Bray Acting Tips

This week on DEO LIVE I was so excited to interview actor Theo Bray. You might recognize Theo from his acting in The Network as well as Wyatt’s Fort Season Three where he played the awesome Uncle Bob. Not only is Theo a great film actor but he is also a regular theater performer as well. How he has time for all his acting work, I have no idea. But you can check out his reel here.

I was so excited to have him come into the studio to discuss with me his top four important things for any actor, new or professional, to add to their acting arsenal. We also chatted about his new web series Kalah Keys. I’m so excited to bring you this interview. Enjoy the interview and check back in with more new DEO Live videos each week on DEO.TV

DEO Live EP. 10 Theo…Man, That Guy Is Awesome from DEO.TV on Vimeo.

Saving Harper Ross Production Set for Fall 2017

Production for Saving Harper Ross Seasons 2 & 3 Begins November

We released Saving Harper Ross season one back in April of this year and needless to say the series ended with a huge cliffhanger. So you could say we did it to ourselves. People immediately wanted more.  I got calls and texts from fans pleading to know what happens next for our unnamed hero (played be James DeWitt III). While I don’t want to spoil anything here, it is safe to say that the end of season one is a bit cruel. So due to popular and insistent demand we are gearing up to keep the story coming.

Saving Harper Ross Finale

We are not only filming the next season of Saving Harper Ross. We are filming the finale season of the show as well. Harper Ross was always designed around three seasons, nine episodes. I (Chason) certainly did not want to pull a Lost and start not knowing how the show would end. I knew the importance of writing with the end in mind. Especially when the premise is a guy reliving the same day over and over. Early on Harper Ross was sketched out in its entirety to take place over nine episodes in a simple three act structure. I looked at it like a three act structure for the whole, yet each episode has it’s own series of three to four mini-acts.

Coming Soon

This fall we are filming all six remaining episodes. Release dates are not out yet but it will be early in 2018. We have spoken with the cast and are super excited to work with this team again. We were really blessed with the talent on SHR. These guys are going to move on to some great and awesome things. I just hope that when one of them lands on a set with Christopher Nolan they invite me a long for tea time.

Watch SHR Now

If you haven’t seen Saving Harper Ross Season One yet, you can watch it HERE. It’s Free. It’s awesome. Do us a favor and tell your friends about it. Share it on Facebook. It means the world to us and we can’t do shows like this without help from you! So thanks in advance!

Also, check out the trailer below.

Official Saving Harper Ross Trailer from DEO.TV on Vimeo.

Wyatt’s Fort Season Three: The Dreamy Schemey

You’re probably wondering how to take over the world. It’s easy peasy.


Wyatt’s Fort Season Three: The Dreamy Schemey is Live!

We are so excited to release the latest season of Wyatt’s Fort! We did something a bit different with this season. Rather than three distinct episodes, we ran all three episodes together in one continuous story; The Dreamy Schemey.

We did this for a few reasons. First, the Bible story paralleling Wyatt’s adventure is about Joseph, his coat, and his ultimate rise to power under Pharaoh in Egypt. This is a big lengthy story and we didn’t think we could pull off such a big story in one stand alone episode. By cutting Joseph’s story into three parts we were able to tell it in a simple yet fluid way.

Second, Wyatt deals with some intense themes in this season involving trust; trusting God when it seems like God has forgotten you, trusting God works things together for His good, trusting that God has a plan. These are some seriously deep topics for both kids and adults. So we wanted to take our time building the story to reflect these themes and put it together so that in the end we have communicated clearly and Wyatt’s story is told in an excellent way.

Finally, by making the episodes run together in one epic story we can recut the show into a feature length film. While we are releasing the show on DEO.TV and RightNow Media in its episodic form, we are hoping to release the feature version into Redbox. Fingers crossed on that one!

We really pulled out all the stops to make this Wyatt’s greatest adventure yet; jets, sleeping gas, armored cars, cinder blocks falling from the skies. It’s awesome.

Check out the trailer below and then head on over to DEO.TV to watch it!

Wyatt’s Fort: The Dreamy Schemey Trailer from DEO.TV