DEO LIVE: Ep. 11 Poetry and Hurricanes

Not much rhymes with ‘poetry.’

Let’s face it, poetry is not easy to write. In fact, most poets come in the form of cutsie limericks or Facebook memes these days. So it is very refreshing to read the poetry in Pure Oceans, written by our own Avery Laing.

You might not know it, but Avery has a wide variety of talents and interests. He is the voice actor for Useless the dog in Wyatt’s Fort. He is the waiter in the web series Saving Harper Ross. He serves as a Production Assistant in most Lumindeo films. And he is also the guy sitting over in the corner of Starbucks, headphones in ears, typing away his latest poem.

Pure Oceans, Avery’s latest poetry book, displays a wide range of topics and emotions. It is available at Amazon right now and you should totally pick it up. It is totally worth the read and no one wants to be the guy at the party that says, ‘poetry is lost on me.‘ That guy never gets the girl.

Check out our interview with Avery below and then be a good sport and go buy the book, paperback or digital. If you buy it this month it will help us send supplies down to Hurricane Harvey victims. Enjoy.