The Making of Saving Harper Ross season 2: Days 15-16

Days 15-16. Ok guys, I know. You’ve been like…”ummm where is my daily dose of filmmaking glory in blog form from that AD guy from Lumindeo?”. I know, it’s been a week and some change since I last posted. Did I forget? Did I finally lose my inspiration to go on? Did I get abducted by an angry polka band? The answer, none of the above. I was doing some “method” blogging. Since after Day 14 was the start of our break, I wanted to wait that long till my next post.

We were in the second part of our shoot. 8 Days Left. These were probably the more difficult days we had on the schedule, so it only made sense to put them first. (Of course, right?) That’s just how it goes sometimes. This last few days were great because we had Anne Beyer fly in from L.A.! Anne is great, she really brings Paola Foust to life, the room gets colder whens she’s in character. It’s great.

I’m not going to go into much detail of what really happened that day, because Days 15-16 were the days we filmed the last scenes of season 2 and it’s G-14 Classified. If you got that reference, you can be my friend. I wanted to talk about the Director and Assistant Directors relationship and how it’s important you have a strong understanding of each other. There were no really good pictures of us together discussing stuff because we’re usually in deep thought and I’m trying to figure out the logistics of what Chason wants to do. As seen in the quality moment we’re having in the picture below. Fortunately for me, one of my strengths is the ability to anticipate needs at all times. I read people pretty well and can figure out what and how they need it. Not to toot my horn but toot, toot. I have about a year of working with Chason under my belt and I like to think we have a solid chemistry. Your AD sets the tone of the production and if there isn’t a great mesh then the production will struggle. That’s why I’m happy to be on the same page as my Director. We pretty much get this thing done, no matter what.

Days 15-16, overall, even though I didn’t talk about it, were good and fun days. We got everything we needed and we filmed at a really cool location. I can’t wait for everyone to see it. I know it’s gonna be great. Until next time y’all.