video network

Lumindeo is a network created by passionate followers of Jesus Christ to enjoy, share, and experience truth and inspiration through films that bless us, our families, and our communities.

We wanted to build a network that praises God through story craft and filmmaking; something that would bless our children, friends, and people like you. To accomplish something of this magnitude we recognized we were going to have to rethink everything about the filmmaking/distribution process, and in the end we created a network/platform based on the following statements.

  • Love God. Love people.

    Everything we do seeks to honor our primary mission; to bless our communities, friends, and families and to share the love and truth of Jesus with the world.

    Trust is earned.

    You don’t bring just anything into your home. When you click play you are trusting that the quality, values, and message in Lumindeo programs will glorify God and bless you and your family. We want to honor and cultivate that trust.

    You are where you are.

    Your life is on the move so we have made it easy to access our programs on all your devices so that wherever your devices work, we do too.

    Simple is always better.

    You have a lot going on so we made our subscription process simple, quick, and easy so you can spend your time on what matters.

    The best things in life are free.

    We want people everywhere to hear the good news of Jesus so much of our programming is put out entirely free. While some of our content is subscription only, these subscriptions make possible our free content and allows our members to be a part of sharing these stories.

  • A few great things is better than a lot of OK things.

    Your time is valuable so we don’t want you to waste it on poor programming. We focus on quality of programming over quantity so when you do click play you like what you see.

    Don’t break the bank.

    You know the value of a good thing when you see it. We keep our subscription price as affordable as possible to make DEO.TV available to anyone. Through your subscription you not only get to experience our programming, you directly contribute to new content creation and growing our community of Jesus followers. Also, Lumindeo is a non profit 501(c)3 organization, which means at tax time your subscription is tax deductible. That’s a nice bonus.

    Leave it all on the field.

    What you spend your money on says a lot about you. We work hard to squeeze the most value of every penny into making the lumindeo.tv experience fun, entertaining, and something you can be proud of and share with others.

    Build what they want and they will come.

    You have a voice and it matters. We want to create programs that excite you so we communicate with our subscribers to make sure we make the kinds of programs we know you want to see.

    Our Team