DEO.TV is the online platform/network of

For less than a cup of coffee, get unlimited access to everything DEO.TV has to offer on your devices / Roku for a $4.99 donation/month. Subscriptions are tax deductible and the proceeds go to the creation and cultivation of further programs that entertain, inform, and promote Jesus-honoring values.


While there are many online platforms offering video on demand DEO.TV is unique in five ways:

  1. While we do not yet boast a huge selection of films, the selection we do have has been carefully created/cultivated for quality, story, and value. Also, we are actively adding more shows each month.

  2. Unlimited access is affordable at only $4.99 per month.

  3. is a 501c3 non profit company, therefore, all subscriptions are considered monthly donations to help us cultivate further programming.

  4. The mission of Lumindeo is to share the truth and light of Jesus with the world and we want to offer that free of charge. Each month some of the content on DEO.TV is offered free to anyone with internet access to view and enjoy. Your subscription makes this possible.

  5. We strive to make all content on DEO.TV family safe; meaning we avoid foul language, objectionable scenes and topics. We enjoy watching shows with our children and we believe in Jesus-honoring family values and promote that in all our video content. Should one of our shows have something unsuitable for children we make note of that in the show descriptions.

We appreciate our members and we do not give out email addresses or other data to anyone, ever. While we may contact you through your account email with updates and account information, we hate spam as much as you do and strive to respect your privacy and time.

DEO.TV is only accessible in the U.S. and certain territories where a high-speed broadband connection is available.