DEO LIVE: Episode 10 Acting with Theo Bray

Theo Bray Acting Tips

This week on DEO LIVE I was so excited to interview actor Theo Bray. You might recognize Theo from his acting in The Network as well as Wyatt’s Fort Season Three where he played the awesome Uncle Bob. Not only is Theo a great film actor but he is also a regular theater performer as well. How he has time for all his acting work, I have no idea. But you can check out his reel here.

I was so excited to have him come into the studio to discuss with me his top four important things for any actor, new or professional, to add to their acting arsenal. We also chatted about his new web series Kalah Keys. I’m so excited to bring you this interview. Enjoy the interview and check back in with more new DEO Live videos each week on DEO.TV

DEO Live EP. 10 Theo…Man, That Guy Is Awesome from DEO.TV on Vimeo.

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