The Making of Saving Harper Ross season 2: Day 10

Day 10. If you don’t recall in a previous post (I believe it was Day 4/5), there was a rain day where I needed to make some changes to the schedule and move around some scenes. This was the day where we could add scenes. It was a particularly light day, so throwing a couple of scenes on the shoot schedule wasn’t a big deal. We found ourselves back at La Playa Maya, setting up another scene with James and Amanda. Simple setup. Bing. Bang. Boom. Done with that, move on to the next location, turns out we had some extra time before the actors arrived to the next location and everyone is kind of hungry. Lunch? 

That’s right, we decided to make a quick stop to grab some food and knock off some time. But, that brewed us some trouble as it took forever to get anything there, and we had to rush out of the place to get to the next location, which luckily, was only down the block. After that, we had to be mindful of how much light we had left. It was late afternoon moving into the evening and we needed to get two scenes. We weren’t on the clock yet. It was a difficult scene though. A couple of moving parts and it took some time to get just right. And once we finally got them, I noticed we started fighting the daylight. We had to kick it into high gear after that to get the last couple of shots needed for the scene. Not only was I in a rush because we were losing daylight but I needed to go pick up my daughter from daycare and I did not want to be late.

Side bar, the craziness that is scheduling your family life outside of a production schedule, let me tell you what…shout out to spouses and grandparents who help out during Lumindeo productions! You are the best.

Day 10 ends on a rushed note, but a decent rushed note. I can’t wait to see on screen what happens on this quiet neighborhood in Fort Worth. Well, until next time.

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