The Making of Saving Harper Ross season 2: Day 11

Day 11 was a short day, with tiny little scenes that we needed to pick up. The highlight being that we filmed in a pretty cool gun store. Shout out to DFW Shooting Sports for letting us use your awesome store.

Other than that, it was us filming in a van while driving with a lot of other big bulky props. Since it was only essential crew (Actor, Director, AD, DP, and Sound) in the van because of the lack of space BTS couldn’t come along and take pictures of us trying not to fall over or fly out of the van.

I try to explain some film lingo that I might throw out there every once in a while, just so people can be in the know, because knowing is half the battle. (Go Joe!) “AD” stands for Assistant Director and “DP” stands for Director of Photography. Just like in every industry we like to shorten things or come up with funny names just to confuse people and make us sound impressive. But when someone yells for some C-47s or to 86 something…it’s just that they need clothespins (C-47s) or to get rid of something (to “86” something).

Day 11 may have been short but it had it’s moments of being fun. Well, until next time.

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