The Making of Saving Harper Ross season 2: Day 12

Day 12. With the good, comes the bad. I believe that each production can afford one bad day, just one. And this day was Day 12. Yes, we’ve had rain days and we were at times fighting against the light but this day takes it. Mind you, we have been filming for 12 DAYS straight and we are days from our week break. Our crew was pretty beat. Sleep? What is that? I don’t think I had more than 2-3hrs each night during the shoot. (Comes with the territory sometimes.) Filmmaking isn’t as glamorous as people think it is, yes, it’s really fun and way better than sitting at a desk for 8hrs. But, it’s long days, sleepless nights, early mornings, and very little family/ social time.

Day 12 started with a noon call time, which is good. Like I’ve said in the past it’s nice to have those late call times you can sleep or if you’re me, you use it to work on shoot schedules and call sheets for the next couple of days. We had two locations, one location we had control over and the second was in Dallas at a law office. The day was split weird because we had DAY and NIGHT scenes at the first location but then had a window from 5-9PM to be at the second location in Dallas. Plans were to shoot from 12-4PM, company move to Dallas, shoot 6-8:30PM, company move back to the first location, shoot from 9PM-11PM.

Tight schedules have worked for us before, everything has fallen right into place, we got this. I went in ready to go…that’s not how it went. Things started out with an actor showing up late. We needed to start, we got the shots of the other actor first, get the ball moving. The actor shows up and we get his coverage. Boom, knocked it out. But it’s close to 5PM, we load up quickly. Chason jets over to the next location, I’m getting the last few things and then head out too. This is peak traffic time though. We don’t get to location until around 6PM. And there was another mishap with another person turning up late but traffic was horrendous that day. It happens.

Day 12. We’re tired. We’re running behind. And to add to it all, we’re all starving. It was a bit of a mess. We get through the day though, that’s the thing about film you push through because the end goal is to get this movie or series shot. Anyways, we are spent by the end of it. Chason takes us all to ihop after because food. Since we don’t have any pictures of our ihop experience the picture below best represents how we felt that night. Also, there was a waiter there that was a huge Stone Temple Pilots fan, so be warned not to make fun of them around him. Well, until next time.

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