The Making of Saving Harper Ross season 2: Day 13

Day 13. It was a new day. A clean slate, we got our bad day out of the way and it was all downhill from there (well, kind of). And I was on home turf. That’s right we were filming at my childhood house, which was a bit strange to have all these people in a place that you grew up but luckily there weren’t too many pictures of me when I was little. I mean there were but, they were all hidden on the side of the fridge so you really had to look for them.

Today, was a fun scene because it was another day with one of my favorite newest characters in Saving Harper Ross. And we were also planning on firing some blank rounds with the new prop guns we got for this season. Yup, that means action sequence. It’s always a good time when some rounds are going off. Of course, we informed the proper authorities that we would be filming in a house and the specific time frame we would be firing the rounds. You have to be very precise when planning things like firing blank rounds in an area that people wouldn’t know the difference and we could have SWAT outside my door in the matter of minutes. We took the proper precautions, Chason went through his prop gun safety talk, everyone received ear plugs, I ran over to both my neighbors houses to let them know we were filming a web series and that we were going to be firing some blank rounds so they wouldn’t be alarmed, and we were ready to go do our test.

Click, click….click, click…nothing happens. Chason checks the prop gun, looking for a jam or any other problem. Apparently, the rounds we thought were the correct ones were not and the prop gun wouldn’t fire. It was very anti-climatic. That just means we’ll have to fix it in post. “Fix it in post” is a running joke on pretty much any and every set you’re on, “post” meaning post production, which is where the editor of the film puts everything together, special effects are generated, coloring, etc. People usually say it when there’s a problem that you run into while filming that you didn’t think about and the more the ridiculous of the problem the funnier it is to say “we’ll just fix it in post”. I’ll leave you with that little gem, so the next time you’re on set and something happens, you can be prepared.

Day 13, was a fun day other than the misfiring of the prop guns. There was still plenty of action to go around even the crew got into it because the majority of the scenes were handheld, that means Caroline and Chason were really feeling it the next day because that means they had the camera on a shoulder rig following all the action. Even though the camera with all the bells and whistles weighs only 15lbs but doing it all day, it wears you down. I just have to hold the slate and my binder, I consider myself lucky when it comes to the amount of actual labor I have to do on set. Well, until next time.

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