The Making of Saving Harper Ross season 2: Day 14

Day 14. The crew has been looking forward to this day for while, 14 days to be exact. Yes, we were filming in an official police building but it was more because after this day we get a week and a half break for the Thanksgiving holiday. So everyone was on their A-game to make sure we get through this day as fast and as smooth as possible.

Even though it was neat to be in a police office building, it was on a Sunday and nothing crazy was happening. But that’s how you get into some locations or really the only way, depending on where, whenever it is least busy and we won’t be in the way. We have a guy on the inside that gets us in police buildings like this or around police vehicles, it’s good to know the right people. Although, I’m making him sound a lot cooler than he actually is because he’s a Packers fan, but we won’t get into that right now.

We hustled through Day 12 pretty effectively and I was pleased. Apart of the day were car scenes, so that meant the actors, the sound guy, and Chason went driving around while the rest of us waited for them in the parking lot. That day I had a huge bag of sour patch kids so I was ok with being left behind. Although, I know Chason probably didn’t slate anything and I’m going to have to figure what scene is what later but it’s all good because I have this bag of sour patch kids. And “Slate” is what we use to mark each scene, people who don’t know the name usually just call it the clapper or something silly like that but the slate is pictured at the very top. They all got back and we were wrapped for the day. The beginning of our break had begun and then it slowly started to hit me that we start back up on some pretty long and difficult days, not the way I’d like to come off a break but you gotta do, what ya gotta do. Well, until next time guys.


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