The Making of Saving Harper Ross season 2: Day 3

Day 3. We had just started the production of Saving Harper Ross season 2. There was new crew, some new cast and new crazy stories. I’m starting on Day 3, because that’s the day I let loose Tony Hernandez. Tony is one of the new SHR crew members, he came on to grip. He brought his camera to set and I asked if he could take some BTS for us (BTS being “Behind The Scenes”). All the pictures that will be on these blog posts or posted on the Lumindeo Facebook page were taken by Tony.

Day 3 was a great day, we were shooting at this cool dive bar in Arlington, TX called Tanstaafl Pub, this was the first day of production that we had a handful of new cast, and it was probably one of our earliest start times. We had some night scenes we needed to film and to pull this off as efficiently as possible we had to shoot them early in the morning before sunrise. Everybody was running on a lot of caffeine that day.


This was also the day we got to see a new role come to life, and it was epic.

Some back story, there was one role in the new season of Saving Harper Ross that took forever to cast. And it wasn’t until the very last minute until we found him. The few auditions we had for the role weeks before the shoot, they just weren’t what we were looking for and we held out until we found the right fit. I think it was right after Day 1 of production, Chason our fearless leader, sat down and watched tape after tape of auditions until he found him. It was a great relief when Chason walked onto set the next day telling me he found him. But, that’s just how it goes sometimes in film. Things just work out at the very last minute.

All in all, this was a fun long day with some great scenes that just give you chills. I personally can’t wait to see the finish product. This season of Saving Harper Ross is bigger and better in every way. Get ready people.


Until next time.

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