The Making of Saving Harper Ross season 2: Day 4-5

Day 4-5. Fun SHR Trivia Fact #23: The restaurant location is two different places, we use one restaurant for the interior or “inside” scenes and another for the exterior or “outside” scenes for the restaurant. Like how the NBC sitcom Seinfeld did for their exteriors of “Monk’s Cafe” when really it is “Tom’s Restaurant”, although where they use a sound stage for the interiors, we actually use a restaurant.




We are very grateful for the people at Los Vaqueros for letting us film inside their great space, if you haven’t been there, the food is excellent. And another shoutout to La Playa Maya for letting us film in there parking lot. It helps not only to have a good location but when the people at the location are fantastic and work with you to bring your production to life, you just have to be grateful.

Back on Day 4-5, we were filming the few scenes at Los Vaqueros. These are always light days, because we are only in there before they open, so we have a 3hr window to shoot the scenes for that location. This season it wasn’t a lot which was nice, we have a killer cast that always has everything down and knows how fast we like to shoot scenes. So we blasted through them. And everything seemed to be running smooth.


Day 4 was broken up into two parts, the first half was at Los Vaqueros and the second at La Playa Maya to get all the exteriors both day and night. Well, mother nature has her way always and it rained most of that day. Which meant I had to contact the actors and reschedule. The logical thing would be, to just do it tomorrow, but it’s not that easy. Scheduling can be tricky and in the end we could only get one actor to be able to shoot the next day. I had a couple of tricks up my sleeve to get those scenes into the production schedule, I’ll save that for another post. I just realized that I haven’t established who “I” is…


Call me Ishmael…that’s a bad joke, why I went with Moby Dick is beyond me. Why we had to read all the chapters that were just about whales…not the point, my name is Dexter. I am a producer and the assistant director at Lumindeo. If you don’t already know me, I’m the guy pictured to the right with that look of “Was that take 2 or 4?”. These blog posts about the shoot will be from my perspective and hopefully, I will do it justice.

Day 4-5 in quick summary were good days, if there wasn’t one rain day during your production it wouldn’t be as fun. Until next time, guys.


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