The Making of Saving Harper Ross season 2: Day 6

Day 6. We started about midday, which is nice. Having a noon Call Time is fantastic, that means sleep. Call Time is an industry term for the time actors or crew need to be at a certain location/onset. We had two locations for this day. One was near Downtown Fort Worth on this huge hill and you can see the skyline, it’s pretty epic. The other location was a diner in Mansfield. Both locations were pretty heavy, not that they had a lot of shots or difficult shots, but emotionally heavy. Moments of great inner conflict.

James DeWitt III is our lead actor, and he’s fantastic. He’s a very talented individual. James is really great to work with, whether if the day needs to change or if Chason has a crazy idea, he is always down.

The first location was an easy set up, it was hidden away but whenever you have camera gear out and a film crew you always run into some very interesting individuals, which is what happened to us. This gentleman was a “Professional Photographer” anyway, he wanted to see what we were doing and was on his own shoot himself across the way. A very random moment to say the least.

Then we had a company move to the diner in Mansfield. We filmed at Joe’s Family Restaurant in Mansfield. I was excited when Chason told me he actually knew Joe and that Joe wasn’t really a Joe but actually an Eddie. Funny how that happens. Chason had actually previously filmed at this location for The Network which is another show Lumindeo produces. Remember how I mentioned how Chason has some crazy ideas and James being willing to do it, this was one of those moments. And I’m just standing on the side thinking, “You want to do what?”. But, that’s a constant thing, that’s the Director/ AD dynamic. We always pull it off and we are super safe with doing everything but still.

Day 6 was fun, random run in’s with “photographers”, working with a handful of background actors, and crazy setups for small stunts in a diner. The greatness that is filmmaking, never a dull moment. Until next time.


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