The Making of Saving Harper Ross season 2: Day 7

Day 7. We are at the “Enterion” building, which is in the heart of Downtown Fort Worth. It’s actually a great location. The great thing about shooting the second season of a series, all of the old locations you’ve filmed at, still remember you and let you film there again. That leads to some filmmaker advice, keep good relations with your locations. You never know when you’ll be needing them again or if they might have another cool location. But, honestly, in this industry it’s good to have a good rapport with everyone, and not burn any bridges because you just never know.

It’s always a fun day when 1.You have Rob Hudspeth on set, 2.The auditors (Who now have names!) are also on set, and 3.You have an action sequence. The only thing that was kind of a downer that day, it was a bit chilly when we were filming outside in the park in front of the building. We hustled through the one exterior scene and ran back up to the offices to shoot the rest of it.

Saving Harper Ross is considered mostly a drama, but with Chason there’s always some pockets of humor in there to keep things light. Rob and the two actors that play the auditors (Allan Thomas and Guy Valentino) have some pretty funny scenes. Their delivery is always on the mark. Like I said before, it’s always a good time when they are on set.

┬áLast season, Harper was only in a couple of scenes and even then, it wasn’t enough to give you a good idea of who Harper Ross was as a person. One thing you’ll notice with the second season of Saving Harper Ross, without going into much detail, there is a lot more Harper. And let me tell you what, Amanda Erickson does a killer job bringing Harper Ross to life. Amanda is a hard worker on and off set, always willing to help us out in any way possible. Plus, her social media game is real strong. You should definitely give her a follow, if you already haven’t to keep up with what she’s doing. And she usually does cool little BTS teasers for Saving Harper Ross during production. So keep a look out.

Day 7 was a packed day, we got some great stuff and I know I didn’t talk about it much but the small action sequence, it was pretty fun. I think a lot of our actors and crew got a great work out that day. Well everyone, until next time.

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