The Making of Saving Harper Ross season 2: Day 9

Day 9. This season we upped our locations, we got some really cool ones. And even though we locked down great locations, still one of my favorites is the lake house we shoot at just outside of Athens, TX. The lake house serves as the therapist office in Saving Harper Ross. It is out in the middle of no where, the house is so pretty, and the surrounding area is incredible. It’s a wonderful place to get away, which I believe is it’s purpose. A-get-away, so much so, that it has no wifi and if you have T-Mobile…well, let’s just say your phone turns into a glorified clock. Whenever we go to this location it is an all day thing, we get there early and stay until night usually.

Day 9 was a relatively easy day, we had a handful of scenes during the day and a just a few night scenes. Filming at locations we’ve already shot at before is great because we know all the tricks and it makes setups easier. It helps things go way smoother. We honestly didn’t have any hiccups this day, which was nice, we blasted through the handful of day scenes. Broke for lunch and then had to wait till it got dark. Waiting on the sun is a double-edge sword, you get to rest and have a bit of fun, like explore the various rooms and create exclusive crew member clubs that have extensive handshakes but, you also have to wait so long that you get tired and takes a bit to get back into the groove again.

Luckily, I had an outstanding crew that could just jump back into it. I on the over hand had to knock it to 3rd gear to get myself going. Once, we started going everything started running at 100%. In the end, we shot good stuff. All of our actors have a solid chemistry, and I’m excited to see it play out on screen. Once we shot our last scene, we packed and loaded up quickly to get on the road and head back home. Because even though the lake house is a great place to get away, eventually you have to go back. Even though every time we are about to leave the lake house, I just say that I’m going to stay and never leave. Alas, here I sit. ¬†Well, until next time.

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