Our Team

  • CHASON – Producer / Writer / Director

    Chason Laing is the Executive Producer at Lumindeo. He is an avid writer, filmmaker, and snowboarder. He received his B.A. from Ouachita Baptist University (Go Tigers!) and a Th.M. from Dallas Theological Seminary. He lives in Arlington, Texas with his wife, Cassie and their five miscreant children who are probably tracking mud through his house right now.

  • GAYLEN – President

    Gaylen Laing is the President of Lumindeo. He is a professional architect/interior designer and the President of his own architectural firm GHLA based out of Arlington, Texas. He is an avid pianist and painter. He lives with his wife, Charlsa and together they have four grown children (Chason being their oldest) and eight grandchildren who are probably tracking mud through his house right now.

  • CASSIE – Producer / AD

    Cassie is both producer and assistant director at Lumindeo. A fantastic details person, Cassie keeps everything together during film productions. She has a B.A. from Ouachita Baptist University where she triple-majored with honors. She is the wife of Chason Laing and together they have five kids.

  • Charlsa – Founder / Executive Producer

    Charlsa Laing is married to Gaylen Laing and they have four children together. She is a founding member of the Lumindeo team and is passionate about story and visual media.