The Crazy Story Where Two Guys Start a Network.

An architect and a theologian walk into a room and decide to launch an online IPTV channel.

While it sounds like a joke, that is the beginning of our story. We (and by we I mean Gaylen Laing, the architect, and Chason Laing the theologian and Gaylen’s son) had very little film experience and absolutely no understanding of IPTV or how it worked. We didn’t even know what IPTV stood for. (It stands for Internet Protocol TV. Thank you google. To us normal people it means video you can watch online.) 

We wanted to create a channel with watchable content specifically for non-Christian and unreached audiences that contained the message of Jesus. We did a lot of searches on google and looked into dozens of Christian platforms, broadcast networks, internet sites; the whole shabang. What we discovered surprised us.

While it is not difficult to find great Christian content online or Christian broadcast networks, it is difficult to find non-Christians who watch them.

That is a big problem and it was one we felt we needed to address. That desire really helped us form our mission and purpose of Lumindeo:

Create content that captivates audiences Christian and non-Christian alike around the world, that makes the world a bit brighter, enhances family time, encourages children, and brings people together around the message of Jesus.