2 Film Magazines You Should Know About

Where can you find quicker access to new projects, trustworthy reviews, quality gear? Screen International and ICG Magazine.

 Linus Sandgren
Cinematographer Linus Sandgren, La La Land, ICG Magazine

Screen International

  Screen International is a movie-lovers dream. If you are one of those and do not yet have a fetish you can easily retrieve, I’ve got you covered. Screen has got it all from solid reviews and festival spots to special features on casts and crews. Sure, you can wade through IMDb and gather info on the ‘likely’ good films to be released in the coming months. But why would you do that when you could get served up a dish of spectacularly-edited, no-longer-secret cinema treats.
The January 6 issue showcased global upcoming film projects such as: Untitled Paul Thomas Anderson fashion project (UK), The Other Side of Hope (Finland), Our Time Will Come (Hong Kong), and Sheikh Jackson (Egypt). Editors traced the ins and outs of upcoming festivals. You may not get the low-down on Rotterdam’s impressive art installations anywhere else. One of their feature articles took a look at how the well-known comic director Denis Villeneuve made his gutsy move to the sci-fi drama Arrival.
Screen International’s online presence can be found at www.screendaily.com. Screen prides themselves in their “in-depth

Dir. Amr Salama creator of Sheikh Jackson

analysis, company profiles, interviews and expert insight into the global film industry.” If you need a basic or elaborate ‘what’s happening in film’ Screen is for you.

International Cinematographers Guild Magazine

ICG Magazine is one big how-did-they-do that?! If you’re like me, last December you found yourself in a theater ready and set to see Damien Chazelle’s stab at a modern musical. Three minutes into the film you were already near awe-filled tears: “That opening dance number, and oh oh, the music, but most of all, how did they shoot that?!” Enter ICG.
ICG specializes on the how-did-they-do-that. They do interviews with cinematographers, spots on film crews, reviews of equipment and visions for the future of filmmaking. Their December issue included a feature on La La Land where they picked the brain of cinematographer Linus Sandgren. La La Land is filled with innovative technology, and risky cinematic decisions. That issue also included a section of bios on emerging cinematographers. Theses artists, including Eve M. Cohen and Eric Dvorsky, share their personal stories, favorite gear and new projects.
Its combination of technical and street language, alongside industry specific and common interest pieces welcomes a host of readers. Whether you are an accomplished cinematographer or just a newbie, ICG will whet your appetite for more of this visual goodness.


-K. Pastore

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